About the Artist

Hello, I am Wess Brown and I believe each wedding is as unique as the Wedding Couple and all their participants. It is my job and pleasure to capture that uniqueness as I tell the story of your wedding day, capturing all the joy, love and fun of the celebration. 

I am an Environmental Photographer.  I like to photograph a couple out in an environment that express their hearts, with as much natural light as possible. My style is photo journalistic, contemporary, artistic, fun and playful when appropriate. My favorite part of wedding photography is the portraiture of the Wedding Couple, that's where my artistry shines the most. I shoot digitally and that gives me a wide range of expression. All photos will be in color and the ones screaming to be B&W will also be delivered in B&W. Shooting digitally also lets me do photomontages and other effects. One of my specialties is combining B&W with color. 

I have 15 years experience photographing weddings, with weddings from the East Coast to the West Coast and in Europe. My clients are from diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, with mixed race, same sex and opposite sex couples. My demeanor is calm and relaxed. My goal is to give you an extraordinary customer experirnce, telling your story so that the only drama is in the dramatic, dynamic and fun nature of the photos. 

Let me help you preserve the memories of a day that is beautiful, loving and above all, a fun celebration of your union.

If you have any questions or want more information, you can reach me, Wess Brown, at:

 202-841-2365  or  TWBrownPhotography@icloud.com