About the Artist

Hello, My name iw Wess Brown.  I'm a native Angelino, now living in Washington DC. For a couple of decades, I have been exploring photography, starting in a hybred digital/Traditional medium, them going all traditional, then all digital. My current project is called Keliedoscope, It was my COVID project. I got a lot of excersize riding my bike around town taking photos of buildiings and streets.  At first I used an app for making cologes for instagram, them made templates in photoshop to create high res images.  It kept me sain during lockdown, giving me propose and something to stimulate my brain and heart. It has been great fun taking regular images and abstracting them into something, sometimes unrecognizable.  

So far, I have mostly shot images in DC.  I would like to travel around the US, at first, to add images from other places t the project,

If you have questions or would like more information, you can reach me at TWBrownPhotography@icloud.com

I hope you rnjoy my work.

Wess Brown